On Smiles

A friend of mine said to me today that my daughter is a beautiful kid, but she hardly ever smiles. What I replied was this: ‘Well, she does smile a lot, but I do not take photos then’.

And that’s basically it… as I am the direct cause of that smile whenever I play with her 😀 And you can’t be an entertainer and a photographer at the same time, that’s impossible (!)

Besides, I guess I like sad photos more. Don’t ask me why, I just prefer a face expression that assumes being deep in thought than a meaningless grin and it concerns both my kids and people I like spending time with. I’m always sceptical about people who smile all the time, never know what’s behind that smile. I’m also careful with ‘giving’ my own smile to others. They appreciate it more whan it finally appears 😉

But, going back to the point, this does not mean I do not have Alicja’s smiling photos…or Artur’s. In order to prove that the thesis is not unfounded, I’ll share some of the captured smiles with you.

Smiling Ala, photo by podwiatr

Artur in navy, photo by podwiatr

Ala in Kołbaskowo, photo by podwiatr

Ala in Zalesie, photo by podwiatr

"the most disarming smile I have ever come across", photo by podwiatr

A Sleeping Beauty, photo by podwiatr

Alicja and her precious innocent smile, photo by podwiatr

it's not a smile, it's a hearty laugh, photo by podwiatr

Having to choose my favourite photo I presumambly would opt for this one, photo by podwiatr

Smiling Artur with his hair 'on fire' ;), photo by podwiatr

And I have many more, but will keep them for other posts.

Anyone said my kids do not smile? 😉


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