The Magic of Photoshop

If somebody asked me about Photoshop I would say that I’m not at all fluent in this field, as I mainly work instinctively, have no particular plan. I simply take a photo that I consider interesting and start working on it. I improvise, as if I was writing a book. The work absorbs me, I’m mentally absent adding a little bit of this and taking away a little bit of that, awaiting a moment in which I’m content with what I see. What comes out of it is in the majority of cases a coincidence.

But what I love PS for is that it sometimes can save a photo from being deleted (by me – and believe me, I can be ruthless) and on very rare occasions it can even change a seemingly useless original photo into something that cathes an eye, and into a picture that might even be perceived as a ‘good’ one by laymen.

I’d like to show it on the example of a photo that I currently use as an avatar.

The photo was taken by my hubby in my daughter’s kindergarten.  Technically it was a piece of s**t, but what I liked about it was my hair.(I would like to remind you that I DO NOT ENJOY looking at myself in photos, it’s a rarity that I actually like any of the photos that present me. Normally I avoid cameras pointed at me, which drives my hubby mad ;D )

I decided to do something about the quality of that photo in order to save it. So as the situation seemed hopeless, I had to exaggerate with Photoshop (which I personally like doing 😉 ).

You may see for yourselves the results of my work.





6 thoughts on “The Magic of Photoshop

    • Raven, thanx a lot. Lucky, you! I’d like to be skillful enough not to use any, but unfortunately, I do have to. I know that many photographers consider ‘Photoshopping’ a sin, but my opinion is like….well, why not? 😀 Thanx for stopping by.

    • Thanx, Holly. You have the advantage of knowing exactly what you’re doing. I saw your point-by-point instructions, and I thought like “well, I could never describe my job so thoroughly”.I guess I’m “too kineaesthetic”, like improvising too much. Best regards. BTW, have you attempted on portraits without flash?

      • Oh, believe me, usually I don’t pay that much attention to exactly what I’m doing! Only if I want to post my instructions do I actually take note of what I did. I usually just kind of play around with the settings until I like what I see. I would prefer to do portraits without a flash, sometimes (especially with my little one) it’s unavoidable… but I like the look of natural light portraits better. My post here: is an example of a natural light photo, my son was standing in front of a window, looking into the light. I would love to get a speedlight (too expensive for me right now), that would help!

      • Well, to tell you the truth, speedlight is only a bit better than a regular built-in flash as you have the possibility of changing the angle of light. I do have one but I only use it taking photos at some kindergarten events or parties I go to. Taking portraits I stick to window light as I am not vested with proffessional studio equipment (which I probably would not even be capable of using properly :D).

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