About a Boy Supplement

I promised to share more of my today’s portraits, so I’ve got two.

Hope you’ll like them.

The first one represents my son in his favourite cap, he asks me for it even when he’s at home. PS work was much more complicated this time as the background is simply a TV screen in which one could see the model’s reflection. I eliminated it  by adding contrast and darkening the blacks a bit. It was also a bit blurred in the original so sharpening the eyes was inevitable. Normally my Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8 lens is as sharp as a razor, but the light was insufficient, so I had to work using longer time and Artur is like a sparkle – very fidgety, so it was hard to catch him in my frame 😀 Besides I converted the original photo into B&W one.

B&W, czarno-białe, photoghraphy, fotografia, boy, chłopiec, kid, dziecko, czapka, cap

Artur in his favourite "crocodile" cap, photo by podwiatr


The second photo represents Artur looking directly into the window that was slightly on my left (I told him to look for a bird there – he loves animals (!) ) The light and quality was good enough, so i only cropped the photo and converted it into B&W.

photography, fotografia, kids, dzieci, boy, chłopiec, B&W, czarno-białe

Artur, photo by podwiatr


2 thoughts on “About a Boy Supplement

    • Yeah, in wintertime Poland lacks sunlight as well, the days are shortened to something like 7 hours and these are the hours that my kids spend mostly in their kindergartens, so I know what you mean. Thank you Holly, I can see that you are often a guest here, always welcome 🙂

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