Grandma’s Day

Today in Poland we celebrate Grandma’s Day, so I’d like to dedicate this entry to all the LOVING grandmas 🙂

Alicja at Jasne Buonia in Szczecin, photo by podwiatr


3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Day

    • Yeah, you’re right, I wish I could send my wishes to the only granny that I had, but unfortunately it’s too late for that. Holly, don’t you celebrate Grandma’s Day? In Poland it’s quite an important day, all kindergartens and schools invite grandmas for shows performed by kids, grandchildren send postcards, buy flowers for their grannies, it is talked over in the news…things like that…and two days later Grandfather’s Day follows 😀

      • I think there may be an unofficial “Grandparents’ Day”, created by the greeting card companies, but nothing that’s really celebrated nation-wide…. but there should be, I think it’s a beautiful idea!

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