A Cat Without A Hat

My little boy, just as his mum, adores cats. I always try to develop his passions, so this case is no exception. Today I came up with face painting turning my son into an adorable tomcat with the use of a regular black eyeliner. Took some photos, sharing one. It was taken with a 50mm lens plus a speedlight aimed at the wall behind me. As the wall was pale blue, it accentuated the deep colour of my boy’s eyes…in reality they’re like an ocean one might sink in….just like my father’s…

Tomcat, photo by podwiatr


BTW, it was not the first time I have turned my kids into cats. Ala was one too 🙂 I took this shot some year ago. It’s a mirror reflection+a built in flash.

A She-Cat, photo by podwiatr


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