I find it quite depressing that one of my eyes is slightly smaller than the other. Inconspicuous as it may seem in reality, it is a cause of an enormous complex (one of many) especially when I observe it in some of the photos that present me. However one-eyed photos of others intrigue me. In this sense I treat photography as a sort of a (long-term 😉 ) cure.


Alicja looking out of a train window, photo by podwiatr

Alicja sucking on an inhaler, photo by podwiatr

Alicja before going to sleep, photo by podwiatr

Kasia, an amateur photo session, photo by podwiatr

Alicja as a hooded cyclop, photo by podwiatr

Marta, an amateur photo session, photo by podwiatr


4 thoughts on “Cyclop

    • Portrait work is what I really enjoy, maybe that’s the reason…you know, when you really like something, you put your heart into it. Besides, I like ‘grainy’, sort of ‘destroyed’ B&W most. Such photos have this mysterious atmosphere which reality often lacks.

  1. Oh really? I’ve known you for 7 years and I haven’t noticed anything. FYI I’m a very perceptive person – when one of my colleagues had some lip fillers I noticed it instantly, hehe.

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