I took this snapshot today at sunrise and looking at it closer I went like: “God, I’ve gotta clean my widows” 😀 And so I spent a pleasant morning tidying and cleaning my windows. See how helpful photography might sometimes be (!) 😀

At sunrise, photo by podwiatr

BTW, could anyone give me some hints about taking photos against the light. I always have a feeling that I do something wrong for they do not look as I would like them to :/


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

    • Well, I walked into Artur’s bedroom and saw my kids bathed in the golden sunlight, the sunrays in their hair and I turned back to grab my camera to keep that moment. They were sitting on the windowsill, talking, playing, changing their body positions and I just stood behind them launching the shutter every now and again. Chose this shot because of an interesting composition of their bodies in the frame. Yeah, I like such moments, they’ve got magic in them.

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