I upload my photos in many places on the Internet, some professional photo galleries mostly. Here I shared the photos that were mostly appreciated and now I would like to show which of my photos IMHO were the most underestimated ones.

So let us begin:

1) A photo of my daughter that I took in a cafe in Szczecin (I’m often a guest in cafes as I’m a great big fan of coffee….and green tea…and cakes 😀 ).

I really like the atmosphere of this shot, dunno about the technique – I told you I’m not a professional photographer. Of course I have some basic knowledge, but I do it for fun enjoying the natural light and what effects it may give, not paying attention to what others (critics) do.

Empty, photo by podwiatr


2) A photo of Alicja going to bed. I like the way she stares here 😀

Doing the PS work I wanted it to look like Fanaa’s pictures, as she’s been one of my gurus since I’ve started my photography adventure. Yeah, I know, hers are better :/

Alicja going to Sleep, photo by podwiatr


3) A photo of Alicja (again) who has just got up. It was taken at the same time as the war diptych I’ve already shared 🙂

Alicja who has just woken up, photo by podwiatr


4) A photo of our friends’ boy during a trip to Zalesie – I was invited by the kindergarten headmistress to go with them in order to take some photos. What I like about the photo is the atmosphere again, I like the way he seems entangled in some kind of a virtual net thanks to the complicated electric device in the background.

Ender, photo by podwiatr

 It reminds me of a book I read a couple of years ago – “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card 😀

5) A regular portrait of Alicja taken out of pure boredom 🙂

Alicja's portait, photo by podwiatr


6) A photo of my dad…the technique and PS work is very poor in this case…I dunno, maybe I’m just too emotional about this one 🙂

Dad, photo by podwiatr


7) A photo of running Alicja taken in Świebodzin. You know what Świebodzin came to be famous for? Yeah, the Christ’s monument. This shot was taken when the works on the monument were still in progress on the way up the hill where it’s placed.

Alicja running in Świebodzin, photo by podwiatr

8 ) Inspired by the high key technique I tried to come up with a photo of my son (his skin is soooo pale – like an angel’s) with the domination of bright shades. I probably wasn’t successful, as I’m not vested with studio equipment, but still I like this photo thanks to the blue of his eyes…blue eyes are “what tiggers like most” 😀

DevilAngel, photo by podwiatr

Yeah, this boy has the looks of an angel but he sometimes might be a real devil 😀 …good, I don’t like weak guys 😀

….Maybe I’ll share more of the underestimated photos as soon as I think of some.

Now, I wonder what you oppinion is. Are they worth keeping?

Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Underestimated?

  1. DEFINITELY worth keeping! These are all amazing shots – each one tells its own story. My personal favorite is the one of your daughter running down the road… the composition, focus, frozen action – VERY nice!

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