A Kept Promise

I once promised to share a picture that I got inspired by working on one of the photos of my daughter. In order to keep that promise I visited one of the kindergartens in Szczecin that I remembered to have it on the wall. The sacrifice was enormous as I did it on my way from the dentist, my mouth numb and sore, which made it difficult for me to explain the headmistress what I wanted to borrow that picture for 😀 . I even had to leave my ID as a pawn 😀

Yet, the mission was a success, so here is the picture I remembered so well from the times of my childhood….ok, maybe not that well, as I was almost sure that it looked more like a pencil drawing.

and here is the photo that came out as a result of watching it:

A Girl From an Old Postcard, photo by podwiatr

Hope you also can see the resemblance of the girls’ eyes 🙂

Thanx for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “A Kept Promise

    • Why didn’t you tell me earlier? It would spare me the trouble and effort (!) But never mind. The only thing that matters is that I did keep my promise. See how reliable I sometimes turn out to be :)))

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