Dragan Effect

Being away on my winter break I went to see a friend from my school years (whom I used to teach English and do homework for him back at high school). Now, Grzegorz is an aspiring photographer with whom I discuss many issues either personally or via Internet. I asked him if he knew anything about taking portraits using the HDR technique and he has told me about the Dragan Effect (the name comes from a photographer, Andrzej Dragan who is famous for using it) which gives you similar results. All you need to have is a portrait lit from one side (it accentuates the imperfections of the model’s skin) and Photo Shop.

Today before going to work I’ve attempted on getting such effect and this is what has come up. I’ll add that I took that photo also being away on my winter break, it represent’s Grzegorz’s friend, Dawid. It’s a really quick one, spent about 20-25 minutes working on it, so please, forgive me it’s imperfections. After all I’m a newer in the field of the Dragan Effect 🙂

….BUT (!) I do intend to deepen my knowledge and share some more 😀


Dawid in the Dragan Effect, photo by podwiatr


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