NEW or OLD (?)

It’s so strange when I go through all the photos I’ve taken so far and in some really old albums encounter shots that I didn’t approve earlier and find out that they are to some degree worthy of attention. It’s like I have never seen them before, some dwarfs playing tricks on me :)This happened last night and I’m sharing the old photo in a new version (the Dragan Effect again).


BTW, would you like me to share a Dragan Effect tutorial with you?

Artur learning to walk, photo by podwiatr


2 thoughts on “NEW or OLD (?)

  1. So I’ll try to share one. Now that my camera has broken down, there’s nothing more left for me to do :/
    What I like about the photo is Artur’s precious curls, he doesn’t have them anymore, I was crying cutting them for the first time (my hubby insisted on my doing it, threatening me to do it by himself and I wouldn’t allow anybody to even touch it!).
    As for Ala…well, I have never cut her hair yet (She’s 4 years and 4 months old!) and I don’t intend to 🙂

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