LRT Dresses Reshoot.

As I wasn’t fully content with the photos of Long Red Thread Dresses for Alicja I decided to do a reshoot at home. Again I used window light plus a silver portable folding reflector. Long Red Thread also wanted me to photograph the dresses’ details and we both decided that the best way to do it is to put the photos together into diptychs or triptychs. And so I did. Here are the results.

Alicja in one of Long Red Thread dresses, photo by podwiatr

Alicja in another Long Red Thread dress, photo by podwiatr

a diptych, photo(s) by podwiatr

a triptych, photo(s) by podwiatr


4 thoughts on “LRT Dresses Reshoot.

    • Oh, she really didn’t feel like posing that day. I’ll try to give you a clue of what I’m talking about in the following post 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s modesty. I brag about many things, but in the field of photography I am not as fluent as I would like to be. I see the works of other photographers and I wonder in amazement about the way this or that has been done. As soon as I get rid of this amazement (’cause I’ll be able to do it as well) I will admit your reasoning is founded….Don’t expect it to take place soon :PPP
      BTW, I’ve arranged TWO photo sessions for the following week: Monaday and Tuesday. Stay tuned for new shots 🙂

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