Scraps of Life

Fashion, fashion, fashion. Kids fashion, women’s fashion, fashion designs… I guess I got a bit monothematic. So in order to go off topic a bit I have (finally) come up with the Scraps of Life entry I once promised to post. I’d like to make you familiarized with some photos taken by me here and there, each carrying its story.

So let us begin.

1) Playing with composition. When I was attending a photography course (a long long time ago), we were asked by the instructor to take a photo of anything but according to the rule of the Golden Ratio. I spotted these leaves on the surface of the water and set my frame in order to catch them in the so called ‘strong points’. I have found this photo very recently and decided to share 🙂

Falling Leaves (not always) return to their roots, photo by podwiatr

 2) This one represents the feet of me and my husband when we were spending our three days off kids last autumn. This was a very fine day, the sun was shining and after having breakfast we went for a walk around the lake and as we were sitting on a pier talking I took this photo to keep that moment in my memory for longer.

Us, photo by podwiatr

3) If you read previous posts you are aware that I take a lot of pleasure in cycling. That is why bikes always catch my eye. This one was ‘parked’ against a church wall in Łagów Lubuski and I really liked the look of it. My camera was at hand (as always) and this is the result.

Bike, photo by podwiatr

4) I once mentioned the Christ’s monument in Świebodzin and as my family lives there I’m often a guest in this town. My mother-in-law once asked us to take her to see the monument and I just couldn’t go there without my camera. This is my attempt to capture the Christ without the crane that is still placed near the monument (yep, the works are still in progress).

The Christ's Monument in Świebodzin, photo by podwiatr

5) A very nasty thing happened to us on 31st December last year. My dad’s dog died due to the fear of the fireworks. My dad cried like a baby burying Enter the following day and so I searched my computer to find this shot of my dad with his dog taken in the summer of 2009.

Dad, photo by podwiatr

6) In the Ueckermunde zoo where we sometimes go with our kids I once came up with an animal portrait that I find quite successful. This is a meerkat (gee, I like this name, it’s so similar to a ‘mere cat’ :D ). I love the colours of this one.

Meerkat, photo by podwiatr

and…the last but not least…

7) A sunset photo that is close to my heart for many reasons. I know this photo is not perfect (neither of the photos presented in this post is), but this does not matter in this case. I just want it to be here. I took it from my flat’s window as the sunset stunned me with its beauty.

A Sunset, photo by podwiatr

Hope you’ve enjoyed the sraps of my life.

Thanks for stopping by.


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